SimplE. solid. user-oriented.

Integral designer & WordPress expert

Simple. Solid. User-oriented.

I am passionate about both design and technology.
From portfolios to film festivals, I'm focused on web design and implementation of WordPress solutions.




The software I use is simple, user-oriented, powerful, extensible and easy to maintain.

From an illustration portfolio to a film festival, from an accounting firm to an experimental digital music label, everyone can have their own dynamic web solution with a customized design, constant updates, search engine presence and reliable and effective advice.




I think like my customers, not like a programmer on a cloud.

While I am an enthusiast of technology and the complexities it sometimes entails, I focus on its purpose: to help people solve problems by saving them time, increasing their profitability and improving their business.




WordPress, used by 43% of the World Wide Web, including Time Magazine, Sony Music or The Walt Disney Company, has a large ecosystem with a variety of solutions to existing problems.

Powerful, thanks to its extensibility; relevant, thanks to its large ecosystem; and adaptable to multiple devices thanks to its design system, WordPress is the people's content management system.

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Technology is a means and not an end

I see technology as a means to progress and gain time, scale a business, make a product or service a reality; in short, as a way to improve both oneself and the product delivered through analysis and work. It is much more efficient and at the same time produces greater satisfaction when it has a clear purpose: to solve problems in a creative way.

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    Diego J. Barcia

    I am a integral designer qualified to design and execute logos and corporate images for companies, and I specialize in web pages.

    My palette of tools includes HTML, CSS and PHP, especially for the implementation, maintenance, design and development of websites with WordPress.

    I'm a film buff and amateur writer. I founded, in which published journalists who later became distinguished. I wrote, along with other authors, the book Historietas y Películas (2011) and I collaborate with Terrorífilo.

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